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5 top reputation baby security inventions -- All these are designed by moms

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Having a baby is a life-changing event. When your baby at their learning stage of sitting, crawling, or walking, it’s a whole new world. Their safety is constantly on your mind. You’re always five steps ahead of your toddler, imagining many possible outcomes of every possible step she could take. Your friends may think you’ve lost yourself. You become a professional pessimist, always quick to imagine the worst-possible outcome.

So much moms have the same worries, some of them are pretty smart and designed some clever inventions to protect your baby’s safety. Here are 5 top reputation baby security inventions. They are most helpful, safe and effective.

Top 1: Child Safety Door Locks

Your naughty baby often ransacked the house and often make things missing? More importantly, they may get dangerous things and hurt  themselves. This safety door locks may help you keep your smart kid off limits.

safety door locks    safety door locks

Key Features:

Child Safety Door Locks can be used for Cabinets, Dresser, Refrigerator, Drawers, Microwave, Oven, Toilet Seat. And it is easy to use for adults, but not for kids - keeps the smartest children off limits, but easy enough for adults to lock and unlock. 

Cost: 2-Packs( 4 pieces) - $ 9.89

Top 2: Baby Head Drop Protection Pad

Little baby often easy to fall down,hurt their head and shoulder when learning walking, running and crawling,this cute small protector wings will help you protecting your kids.

baby head protection pad


  1. This Baby Head Drop Protection Pad don't touch with the baby's head. 
  2. Very light and not any pressure for baby's shoulder.
  3. Unique design, cute appearance, let your baby wherever he is a bright spot.
  4. Conforms to the baby's size and design comfortable feeling without tight

Cost:  $14.89 - $16.89 

Top 3 : Infant protective hat

Little ones are curious about everything, and they just know try them,and then they hurt themselves without predict. The head is the most important protection object, because it's most important part of our body and most easy to get hurt.


  1. These Infant protective hat have been tested and certified CPSIA 101 and CPSIA 108. 
  2. It's very soft and light.
  3. Protect your baby when she/he falls forward or falls backward.
  4. When your child riding a bike,it also can be used as a helmet !

Cost: $24.89 

Top 4: Silicone table corner protectors  

Silicone table corner protectors


The table corner protectors prevent children from bumping on the corners of furniture and tables and the stylish color doesn't take away from the natural beauty of your furniture.

Cost : $7.99/lot (10 pieces)

Top 5: Infrared Forehead Baby Thermometer 

Little babies are very easy to run a fever, and sometimes moms may not aware until it goes serious! With this infrared thermometer, parents can take your baby's temperature in 0.5s with no touch! ( It was widely used in hospitals.)

Infrared Forehead Baby Thermometer



Never left a baby fever unchecked! At the push of a button, parents can take your baby’s temperature in 0.5s with this infrared thermometer. Accurate, an essential item for raising kids.

Cost: $22.89 

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