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Is it safe to keep a cat during pregnancy?  

vivian feng pregnancy

Many people say that it is dangerous to keep a cat during pregnancy.But i'll say don't let this information scare you.

Use it to protect yourself and your baby. Be smart and follow these steps:  

If you have a cat, take it to your vet to be tested for Toxoplasma gondii.

If your cat has an active infection, ask a friend to take care of it until you're further along in your pregnancy. After the sixth month the chances of this organism crossing the placenta are slim.

If your cats are not infected, keep them that way: Don't let them eat raw meat and keep them inside as much as possible (where they can't get at mice or birds that might be infected and where they aren't exposed to infected cats). Stay away from the litter box! It must be cleaned daily, but somebody else will have to do the job. Stay away from stray cats and don't hold cats you don't know. Avoid gardening in soil that might be contaminated with cat feces. Always wear gloves. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. (The ground they fall on before harvest might be contaminated.) Cook all meat thoroughly. Inadequately cooked or cured meat is a main risk factor for infection with toxoplasma.

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