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High Quality Silicone table corner protectors

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High Quality Silicone table corner protectors


1. High quality soft PVC material.

2.The table corner protectors prevent children from bumping on the corners of furniture and tables

3.The stylish color doesn't take away from the natural beauty of your furniture , not only will you gain peace of mind about the safety of your toddler,but you also won't have to worry about ruining the appearance of your home!

How to install:
1. With double-sided adhesive to table Angle three place, will table Angle pad in the right position, force pressure;
2. Need not when slight force take off, can use hot dishcloth to remaining residue can be.

Instructions for use:
1. Before use must wipe paste in dust/oil/water, etc. In order to keep the furring clean.
2. Strip tape on the isolation paper, firm pressure in the paste.
3. After 24 hours after sticky tape adhesion will completely curing and cement.(do not in just when they try to drag on, this will affect tape viscosity)
4. do not touch adhesive surface.

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