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Baby Head Drop Protection Pad

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  1. Multifunction Protection:Don't touch with the baby's head, use breathable alleviate impact, protect the baby's head and backside
  2. Soft and Breathable:Use Baby close skin fabrics, close-fitting use more comfortable and soft.
  3. Lightweight and Cute :weight 130g,very light and not any pressure for baby's shoulder,Baby Head Drop Protection Pad has Unique design, cute appearance, let your baby wherever he is a bright spot.
  4. Adjustable shoulder length:According to the baby's size can be arbitrarily adjust the shoulder straps;Conforms to the baby's size and design comfortable feeling without tight
  5. Great gift for your baby:Baby easy to fall down,hurt their head and shoulder when learning walking,running and crawling,this cute small protector wings will help you protecting your kids

Material: cotton, polyester, lint

Age Range:4-18 months

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